A simple guide to mastering the art of modern manners

"Etiquette Secrets" is a funny and often quirky look at Australian Etiquette and a wonderful guide for life.

Written to inspire everyday Australians, Etiquette Secrets will debunk dress codes, decode business etiquette and ensure you know how to make an entrance at the next BBQ or cocktail party -  and leave just as cleverly.

With something for everyone, from students to professionals, "Etiquette Secrets" makes a wonderful gift or great reading to brush up.

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What has changed about Australian Life?

1970's Australia was a hotbed of social change, facilitated by the introduction of key policy changes: Not at fault divorce, the introduction of free university education and the abolition of the "white Australia" policy. The first had an enormous impact on the traditional nuclear family. This meant more women were entering full time work, and a new family structure emerged with more single parent or two parent working families. The ripple effect of these changes has seen two generations of change in and decline of family values and in particular what we broadly call "manners" being part of our daily lives. The rise in immigration quickly lead to a clash of cultures in our workplaces and confusion of what is appropriate in business. When you add technology to the mix, the rise of the "me" generation is complete - and disastrous.

'Etiquette Secrets' is an easy and humourous read, designed to navigate us through life's tricky and not so awkward moments. Anna's commentatory writing style ensures this book can be read cover to cover and kept as a reference to solve etiquette dilemmas - yes there is such a thing.

 Whether the goal is success in business, social life or manners at the table, "Etiquette Secrets'" purpose is to expose the unwritten rules that surround us and, well write them down for you.

So here they are.

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